Softest Clothing Guide for Winter – Wool vs Other Fabrics

Are you after really soft clothing?

Then have no fear, we’ve got the guide to your winter garments here!

Get the warmth, without sacrificing comfort, using the choices below.

knitted jumper

Cotton – is it the softest?

You may be thinking that cotton is the softest clothing, but actually cashmere is a lot softer than cotton.

That being said, for a lot of people a 100% cotton t-shirt is the best way to get a soft item into your everyday wardrobe. The benefits of cotton are:

  • Strong fabric
  • Can be washed using a machine
  • Soft to the touch
  • Cheap

So when you’re buying everyday staples, or clothing that you will wear and wash frequently, then cotton is a very good option.

However if you’re looking for premium fashionable winter wear, then see the next section.

Cashmere vs Alpaca vs Merino Wool

baggy jumper

There is a big debate online about which type of wool is best for a jumper.

I personally think that it comes down to a few different factors.

Cashmere is the finest of the woolen types, but it’s also the most expensive and fragile. It can be considered for smart clothing, such as a jumper or scarf, that comes into contact directly with sensitive skin.

However alpaca would be best for a warm woolly jumper that’s designed to snuggle up in on cold winter days. The fabric is soft and warm, while also being very durable. However this is also not that cheap to buy.

Merino wool is almost like a “best of both” of the two above. It is smart, soft and reasonably priced in most high street stores. You can find merino wool jumpers for men and women in most fashion outlets, which would look great when combined with a blazer or neckerchief.

You Should Remember Irritants

Just because a garment is soft, doesn’t mean that it won’t irritate your skin. If you’re prone to sensitive skin, then make sure you test different types before buying, to ensure you don’t come out in a rash (the big bang theory episode with the itchy wool jumper anyone??). Most shops will have a changing room where you can test the effects in private before buying.

Shopping for Soft Clothing

Like I mentioned above, merino wool is often the best middle of the road jumper for those looking at a fashionable and cheap option. If you have the money for it and don’t mind caring for the garment a little more, then cashmere would be your best option.

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