Christmas Sounds of Silence

O little town of Bethlehem
where Jesus Christ was born
now celebrated Christmas morn
with pretty papers torn.
Gifts given and received,
some for you and for me
bring much delight to all tonight
around the Christmas lights.

Good friends and kin will gather
on Christmas day with others
sharing and making memories
to last throughout the years.
Let’s not forget the reason
we celebrate this season.
It’s more than in receiving
it’s found in believing.

God’s gift to us is Jesus
His promise when we trust
and believe in His sacrifice
upon the cruel cross.
He died for your sins and mine
once-for-all for all time
and now lives with God in heaven –
our new home when we’re born again.

Believe and receive God’s gift
then live a life of trust,
knowing that He remains faithful
whenever we might call.
It’s in prayer that God hears us
as we live in faith and trust
that God has a purpose and plan
for all men and women.

Let’s not forget the reason
we celebrate this season.
Christmas is God’s Son’s birthday,
a day when God made a way
to bring peace on earth and joy
to men, women, girls and boys
when we simply in Christ believe
and God’s beloved gift receive.

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