Economic Hard Times and Praying

I don’t have to tell you that prices are up and enthusiam is low. It seems in our world that things are a bit out of control. We pay more for less. I filled up my truck yesterday and spent over $80..liquid gold! It is during these tough times that people really question God. Does He know what is happening? Does He care? What is He going to do about it?

These are tough questions to handle. Whenever i face difficult days and periods in life, I always turn to God’s word…the Bible. Philippians 4:20 reminds us that, “My god will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” (NIV) a few key words can encourage us:

Wow! Simple Living is now in print and will be arriving soon. Many have pre-ordered this book and will soon receive it on their front doorstep. I pray you enjoy the read and are challenged to live the Simple Life. Consider purchasing copies for your friends as they will be touched as well.

It is exciting to see what God is doing. Continue to pray for me as I am just about 100% recovered from back surgery. Pray that doors will open for interviews and book signings. Mostly, that this message will get out to those who need a relationship with Christ.

I have just finished the final documents releasing Simple Living for print! I know many of you have already placed orders and soon you will receive your books. Thank you so much for taking the time and investing in this project. I can’t wait for you to finally open the front cover and dive in to the simple world.

This being my first book, I didn’t know what to expect. I have been well pleased with all the fine people at WinePress and Pleasant Word. They are the absolute best to work with. I encourage you  to consider their services if you desire to be published.

Summer has brought its soaring temps and humidity to the south! I pray your days are going well. I wanted to give a brief update on a few items. My recovery is going well and I am back in the pulpit. I really hated missing two Sundays but God provided. Pre-orders are now being taken for Simple Living. I am so excited! I want to thank those who encouraged me to write and many who are supporting this adventure. I think this book can give guidance to many who do not know Christ and those whose faith may have grown weak. Consider buying some copies for friends who need a little laughter in their day and direction along the way.

I pray God’s richest blessings on you. Pray for me as I begin to wirte a second book. The working title is, Playing with God. It will be a very challenging book.

Summer has arrived and it is hot! I pray you are having a great and Simple summer. God has definitely slowed me down for a few weeks. On July 3 I had some back surgery and will be recuperating for a few weeks. Nothing major just more time to study and relax. I don’t like to slow down so “cabin fever” has set in!

I have learned that there are so many people ready to step up and helpduring times of need. I am reminded how important relationships really are and just how much patience I lack. Soon I will be back in full swing.

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