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Just last week, our “Blog for working Moms” included part I of an interview with Dr. Yvonne Anderson, a Georgia educator who’s passionate about getting parents involved in their children’s education. In the future, you can expect video blog posts and other resources to help women thrive.

Lessons from the Littlest: A Devotional for Mothers of Young Children, the 31-day devotional book by Cherise Bopape, offers valuable insight for moms, showing them how to be cognizant of God at work in their lives as they interact with their young children.

“I tend to make things complicated,” Cherise Bopape says. “By mimicking the innocence and faith of a child, we please God. Through spilled milk, poop-filled diapers, and a slew of Little League games or cheerleading practices we can still praise God, be thankful, and give service with a smile. I had to learn this the hard way.” Many moms would nod in agreement. However, Cherise Bopape uses these everyday scenarios to inspire today’s busy mothers.

During a 3:00 p.m. book signing on May 1, 2010, at The Emerald Earth—a coffee shop nestled inside the Acworth Bookstore (4857 N. Main Street, Acworth, Georgia 30101)—parents will meet two authors, Cherise Bopape and Mayor Tommy Allegood. They will be reading excerpts from their respective works and conducting a question and answer session.

Moms will enjoy this opportunity to be inspired, gain parenting insight, and hear stories on child rearing. A door prize will be offered. Admission is free. However, donations ($5 to $10) are suggested. Coffee, tea, chai, and pastries will be available for purchase.

Cherise Bopape is an author, freelance writer, blogger, and speaker. She encourages single moms, inspires mothers with young children, offers tips for women who struggle with work-life balance, and provides hope for victims of domestic violence. She volunteers on the advisory board for Dream Again, Inc., a non-profit organization that serves single mothers. Having been a guest on various television and radio programs, Cherise Bopape has also written articles for The Lookout Magazine, MustardSeedMinistries.org, and various newsletters for non-profit organizations.

According to a survey conducted by this dot com, “only 44% of those surveyed would classify single moms as ‘respectable.’” Reading a bit further, my reactions went from gasps to disgust as I glimpsed at American’s poor perception of single mothers.

After seeing results like this, it’s important to show the “lemonade” that can come out of the “lemon-laden” life many single moms experience. Obviously, America needs to be reminded of successful people like movie industry mogul Robert Townsend; Olympic medalist Michael Phelps; actor and producer, Tom Cruise; award-winning neurosurgeon, Dr. Benjamin Carson; and even U. S. President Barack Obama—all who were raised in single parent homes.

During my interview with Robert Townsend last week, I was happy to find that he’s using the arts to educate the masses on single parenthood and offer solutions. He does this through a web-based series he produces and directs, Diary of a Single Mom. Townsend stated, “Being raised in the ghetto of Chicago … how my mother did it, I have no idea. We grew up in the roughest neighborhood. I think they praise NBA stars and athletes … and the unsung heroes are single moms.”

Despite appalling survey results and bashes from the public, continue to press on, ladies. God loves you, sees your struggle, and desires to empower you to an awesome finish. Letting Him guide your steps, build your faith, and provide all you need to excel, you’ll soon realize that you really can be someone’s hero.

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