A Stable Life

Sawn from rough-hewn wood
to house cattle it would
one starry night host a guest
that the world could never guess.
Did the innkeeper realize
or was he in for a surprise?

This stable in which donkeys and cows
daily sought shelter and bedded down
was loaned to God one wondrous night
to Joseph and Mary, his wife.
Did the cattle realize
or were they in for a surprise?

This lowly stable though crudely made
is where the shepherds found Jesus laid
in a manger box –
the cattle’s feeding trough.
Did the manger realize
or was it in for a surprise?

You see, the world expected a King
born in pomp and circumstance to bring
salvation to the world,
not Jesus Christ the Lord
born in a humble stable
shared with barnyard animals.

His birth, quite remarkable,
with wonder filled that stable,
was rejected by the curious
and even made others furious.
So many curious never realized
and would be in for a bigger surprise.

Messiah was born that night
in a stable filled with delight
for when the shephers entered in
that stable there by the inn
they found their Savior
who would bring favor.

That little unpretentious stable by the inn
housed the One who provides stability within.
Good news! With God in you
your life is stable too
for God will remain steadfast
despite whatever comes to pass.

God can use the mundane
to bring praise to His name.
Never think God can’t use you
for your life has worth and value.
God has for you a unique plan and purpose
as He’s preparing you for the Master’s use.

Sometimes God uses the pain of humbling
to prepare you for the good that’s someday coming.
Learn to ask ‘what is God teaching me’.
Seeking God will provide stability.
It takes faith to realize.
You’ll be in for a surprise!

This will be a sign to you:
You will find a baby wrapped in cloths
and lying in a manger.
Luke 2:12

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