For weeks and months they hike
persevering countless days and nights
with only a star shining bright
as a beaming, guiding light
wisemen or magi alight
persevering camels that fight
sandstorms at night
and windstorms quite
harsh and not liked.
Whatever their plight
they persevere with might
keeping that star in sight.

These camels, stately like a knight
on a steed, persevere day and night
plodding along keeping one bright
glorious shining star in sight.
Persevering these wise men are right
to persevere and not give in to fright.
It is their hope, this shining star so bright,
of which poets over the ages write.
That star, His star, in the sky, so bright
unbeknownst to them will bring delight
for it leads them to the One who is the Light.
The Light of the World, in fact, is in sight.

You know, it’s only God who could write
a story with such intrigue and delight.
Who would ever think that a star shining bright
or camels that plod day-after-day and night
would be part of the greatest story ever told, that’s right!
This story that guided countless civilizations alright.
A story that unfortunately has become an oversight
for many keep Christ out of their Christmas celebration night.
The greatest gift you could give your family tonight
is to read this true story one December night.
This story that never grows old and will delight
when you persevere in doing what is right.

* * * * *

What if the camels had gone on strike?
What if the wise men had given up? Yikes!
What if there had been no extraordinary star?
This story would have had a different ending, by far.

Have you ever felt like giving up?
Do life’s hardships seem like too much?
Perhaps it’s because you’re not looking up?
Perhaps you need to feel God’s loving touch.

If you fix your eyes on your circumstance
then you are not giving the Lord a chance
to perform a great and good work in you.
Is that the reason you’ve been feeling blue?

Consider that circumstance a test
that is sent to grow your faith
then look to the Lord who has your best
interests – always – in His heart.

Don’t give up.
Keep looking up.
God will be there for you
with a good plan for you.

In fact something extraordinary
that He can only accomplish through you.
So that circumstance, less than ordinary,
is sent to perfect, mature and complete you.

View it as a gift.
then you’ll see your spirit
within you lift.
Doesn’t God give good gifts!

Hebrews 12:1-3

James 1:2-4

Hebrews 10:36

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